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Rio part 2, Chapter 10
Rio part 2, Chapter 10
A few days past, and at the bird sanctuary the two marmosets were talking.
One said, "Well the birds haven't come back yet, so I thing someone has to owe someone something."
The other sighed, then smiled and said, "Yeah, you do!"
The other turned and gasped as he saw an army of birds coming to the sanctuary, With Blu and the others with them.
The Marmoset was surprised and angry, but a bet is a bet. Ten gold rings!
The birds at the sanctuary cheered as the birds finally came home.
The three disguised birds came to them.
One said, "You guys are back! My name is Phil once again!"
Then Raphael came to them looking like he was attacked.
"Blu and Jewel," He said, "you guys owe me big time."
Blu replied, "No problem Raphael!"
Jewel went to Their kids and hugged them, then introduced the new family members.
Carlos told Anna, "Your gonna like it here."
Anna replied, "Our parents would be proud."
Jewel then said, "Bad things happen, but goodness come soon."
Blu then went
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Rio part 2, Chapter 9
Rio part 2, Chapter 9
The chase was on! Nigel flew too the other side of the wall and chased the blue macaws and William and Claudia.
Jewel said, "OK! You can fly now Blu, so we can now fly without having any problems of falling, right?
Blu replied, "Yeah, but I think you forgot there's another bird attached to our chain!"
"I know!" Jewel shouted.
"Hey!" Carlos shouted, "I can fly to you know!"
Jewel then said, "On 3, we fly together!.....1......2.......3!"
Nigel swooped down towards them, then they all flew up at the same time leaving Nigel to crash into a wall.
They were struggling a little while flying yelling, "No, to the left!" "No not that way!"
They were getting confused and had to get out of there.
Claudia and William got an air vent opened and yelled, "This way!"
They all flew right into the air vent.
Nigel got up and yelled, "You won't get away this time!"
Then he flew in the vent after them.
Meanwhile in the other room..........
Luiz was cutting the cages open letting birds
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Rio part 2, Chapter 8
Rio part 2, Chapter 8
Nigel walked towards them and said, "Remember me blue ones."
"Nigel?!" Blu said shocked.
"You know him?" said Claudia and William.
"Yes," Nigel said, "Its because of these birds I got MY FEATHERS CHOPPED OF!
"You did what?!" Carlos said to Blu and Jewel.
Then Nigel snapped a rope next to him which let a cage fall above and trapped everyone, except William and Claudia.
Nigel said to them. "Well done you two, now I don't have to trap you guys as well."
Claudia then knew that Nigel was working for the smugglers and said, "You tricked us! This was a trap all along!"
"Yes it was," Nigel replied, "Now beat it, or your next!"
They flew away.
Nigel turned to the birds in the cage and said, "Now say, good night! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!"
He sprayed sleeping gas in and everyone fell asleep.
Blu woke up and saw that Jewel and Carlos were in the same cage as he was.
He said, "Jewel, are you alright?"
"Yeah," She replied, "Where are we?"
Blu answered, "We're in th
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Rio part 2, Chapter 7
Rio part 2, Chapter 7
(Claudia telling her story)
"I was very young when they took me and my family. They put me in a separate cage from my family. They were taken and I never saw them again. I was taken to Britain, but our truck got into a car wreck. My cage got busted open. I flew out and was free, but I was still very young and had no family. But, some pigeon family found me and took me and raised me as their own. Even though I was not a real family member, they treated me with respect and I lived a good life. Now my brother and I are on our own and we decided to move here."
Claudia finished her story, Carlos was shocked to here her story similar to his.
"I'm sorry Claudia." He said, "But look where you are now. You got to meet us, you have a fun brother, and you got to dance, and we've only known you for a few days! A wise friend once told me, Bad things happen, but we all can still have a good life."
Jewel and Blu smiled.
Carlos then said, "I'm still worried about how we will resc
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Rio part 2, Chapter 6
Rio part 2, Chapter 6
And so they left the samba club without getting any new members to help them.(cowards)
They were now in the jungle again.
Blu said to the group, "I can't believe it, not one of those birds wanted to help us. NOT ONE!"
"I know" Carlos replied, "Man, I am tired from all that dancing."
"Are you sweating?" Jewel asked.
"What?" Carlos asked, "That's not possible, birds don't sweat."
Blu requested, "Lift up your wing."
"OK." Carlos answered, "I'm lifting it up and look there is no...OH!.....EWWWWW!.....I am sweating!"
"Told you." Blu said.
"Look!" Claudia said. "This spot in the forest has a hot spring and some fruit trees. We shall rest here tonight."
Meanwhile back at the sanctuary.......
Linda was talking to Tulio about Blu saying, "Something is wrong with Blu, He is not acting like himself. He acts weirdly, like he doesn't even know who I am."
Tulio replied, "Maybe he just got scared by the smugglers or something Linda, stop worrying so much."
"OK." She replied.
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Rio part 2, Chapter 5
Rio part 2, Chapter 5
The birds went into the samba club and saw all the birds dancing and going with the music.
"This place is amazing!" Carlos said, "This is my kind of place."
Then the music stopped. The birds in the club looked at the birds that came in.
One said, "We haven't seen any of you guys around here. Are you from out of town?"
Jewel answered, "Yes."
"Then why did you guys come into our samba club?" Another bird asked.
"We like to samba too guys." Nico said.
Another bird said "Only true lovers of samba are welcomed in this place!"
"We are!" Our heros said.
The birds then said, "Lets see what you guys got then. HIT IT!"
The music starts, Pedro said, "Right, lets show these funky birds what we are made of guys!"
William hesitated, "I don't know, I've never danced to samba before."
"Just go with the music." Claudia said.
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Rio part 2, Chapter 4
Rio part 2, Chapter 4
The birds saw a Pigeon and a Yellow and Green Female macaw.
"Hello" said the pigeon, "I'm William, and the colorful terror next to me is my sister, Claudia.(smack)OW!"
All the birds said, "Sister?!"
William replied, "Yes, its a long and sad story of how(smack)OW!"
Claudia said, "Honestly William, could you not go for one day without you trying to embarrass me?"
William answered, "Well how about you stop being bossy and I'll keep my mouth shut."
Blu said, "OK what are you two doing here.?"
William explained, "Well we heard of your problems and we happen to know the location of the smuggler's hideout."
Carlos asked, "Really?!"
Claudia added, "Yes, A bird who has been there told us to come to you and guide you there."
The birds were stunned. Jewel asked, "Lets go, which way do we go?"
William answered, "Well it could take a while."
Pedro said, "Don't worry bro, We could fly!"
William replied, "No, even if we flew it would take about a day and a half to get there. I m
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Rio part 2, Chapter 3
Rio part 2, Chapter 3
Back at the sanctuary Linda was crying over Blu being taken. The other birds were listening and they got sad to.
Linda cried "Oh Blu! I miss you already!"
Tulio said, "I'm sorry Linda. I know it hurts that you were forced to do it."
Linda wanted a tissue to.....well you know why.
So Blu handed her one.
"Thanks Blu" Linda said, ".........BLU!!!!!! Your alright! How in the squawk did you get free?!"
Blu pointed at Carlos. Linda And Tulio were surprised to see another blue macaw.
Tulio looked and said, "I don't believe it!"
Little did they know, Nigel was watching the whole time.
He looked at his wings and thought, "Its time for a jailbreak."
In one of Rio's jails, The three smugglers from the first film are spending their time in the cell.
Marcel, the leader would enjoy it more if he wasn't in the same cell as the other two.
One said, "So what do you want to do?"
The other replied, "Rock paper scissors?"
"We did that yesterday!" the other said.
The other replied, "W
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Rio part 2, Chapter 2
Rio part 2, Chapter 2
Deep in the jungle, two Marmosets were celebrating over getting new items from the humans.
One said, "This stuff is one word......AWESOME!"
"What do we animals do with this gold anyways?" the other asked.
"To make us look cool bro!" He replied.
Then they heard the Something in the jungle "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"
One said "Was that my girlfriend?! She has anger issues."
The other Replied, "No, shes right behind you man."
"Oh. I thought that.....wait what?" A female Marmoset is behind him. "uh-oh."
The scream came from Blu and Jewel, as they just saw another blue macaw.
They were like, "But you...........came were red and.........WHAT?!"
Carlos said to them, "Perhaps I should explain."
(Carlos telling the story)
"I had a pretty good family, a brother a sister, and two loving parents. One day we went out to get some food. My brother wasn't old enough to fly so we left without him. When we came back we were shocked to see that
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Rio part 2, Chapter 1
Rio part 2, Chapter 1
It has been a year ever since Blu and Jewel got together and got their chicks
Its been a good life in their little Blu bird sanctuary with their friends.
But, in the jungle, Nigel the cockatoo is not having a good life.
"My wings and feathers might be growing back, and I could fly soon but.........I'M STILL NOT A PRETTY BIRDIE!!!",Nigel said. (cries)
Then out of the forest came a colorful red macaw, and he said "Awwwww, Cheer up fella"
Nigel replied "get away from me before I claw your eyes out."
The macaw flew away to the giant statue at the top of the mountain and decided to rest.
He had been looking for something for a long time, and soon will find it.
He looked at the colorful lights of the city and said to himself "What a beautiful sight". "It sure is!" said a bird beside him.
He looked and saw a canary and a red-crested cardinal. The Cardinal said "Carnival is coming soon and we are ready to samba! that right Nico?"
"You bet",Said the canary "We are the grea
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I would like to see more pink ponies on parade. The mane six or just pinkie pie, doing the pink elephants on parade scene from dumbo. Maybe do the whole sequence in comics. That would be nice for someone to do. 


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